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Meet us at NBAA 2014 Orlando

Blue Chap will, of course, be an exhibitor at the world’s largest business aviation event, NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, taking place from October 21-23 in Orlando, Florida. More than 1,000 exhibitors and 25,000 air industry buyers are gathered there, and a wide range of new products for the aviation industry will be launched during the exhibition period.

At NBAA, Blue Chap presents for the first time TAILLOG – the fully integrated electronic flight plan that automatically registers and reports flight progress. TAILLOG eliminates all paperwork normally required for flight plans and consequently minimizes the risk of miscalculations and missing entries – to the great benefit of the pilot as well as the administration. Among other facilities with TAILLOG, the pilot can make last-minute changes directly from the cockpit and the app automatically registers off/on block, airborne/on ground plus all waypoint passages during the flight.

We expect an exciting reception for TAILLOG at the NBAA trade show. We have already received a lot of positive feedback from the industry, which has for years been missing an easy and simple solution for automating the major part of the tasks connected with flight plan registration and reporting. TAILLOG ensures that errors and missing registrations are avoided, which provides a constantly high quality level of the reporting. TAILLOG is the solution pilots have been waiting for, and with TAILLOG, airlines will worldwide get a tool to cut down expenses for administration of flight plans to an absolute minimum.

TAILLOG has been developed for iPad and iPad Mini, but Blue Chap expects to be able to offer TAILLOG for Android tablets in the very near future. During flights, pilots use various types of tablets, and the next natural step is therefore to develop TAILLOG further so that it can also be used on Android tablets, An Android solution is expected to be ready in early 2016.

Meet the Blue Chap team in Orlando and let us introduce you to TAILLOG on Stand No. 1434 at NBAA in Orlando from October 21-23. If you are a flight plan provider wanting to find out how TAILLOG can be custom-made for your clients, don’t hesitate to contact Blue Chap by phone: +45 4090 8883, or e-mail:

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