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Preparing for NBAA15, Las Vegas

In just about 1 month this years recurring NBAA exhibition and convention of the international business avaition will take place in the beautiful south, Las Vegas.

We are delighted to once again leave the desktops and lukewarm office coffee to attend one of the worlds most exciting and influential exhibitions. It is always a joy to meet with the business and follow the progress at all levels of the industry.

It is a very exsiting programme that makes the frame of the convention - Among others, we are looking forward to attend the session "Flight Tracking in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know" by Doug Carr (NBAA) and Daniel Baker (FlightAware), and also "Broadband Communications for Passenger, Crew, Airframe" by David Lednicer (Aeromechanical Solutions LLC).

Also the more technical stuff like "Lithium-ion Batteries 101" by J. Todd Winter and Rick Slater (True Blue Power) sounds spot-on in relation to the current topics of handling batteries during flight.

Much of our time up to the convention will be used on preparing a (busy) schedule with networking and as many exhibition visits as possible. It is always a joy to meet up with associates and hopefully new connections.

From our side, the newly updated TAILLOG app will make most of the agenda - and we are looking forward to talk with existing as well as new customers about the new features and how to continuesly adapt our products in accordance to business needs and trends.

And since we are going to the warm south (in an autumn time), remember to bring your best swimming trunks - looking forward to see you on the exhibition floor or at the pool!

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