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Case: SUN-AIR optimises business through iPads

The airline SUN-AIR of Scandinavia has gained both financial and operational benefits for business by equipping pilots with iPads and a tailored enterprise version of the iPad app TAILLOG. The system offers a user friendly partially Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) combined with an automated flight log tool closing the gap between pre- and post-flight systems.

Read the case study here: SUN-AIR Case Study

The Challenge

- Implement new technology in the cockpit

- Innovate work operations and eliminate paper processes

- Gain benefits in both business and cockpit from digitizing work processes

The Solution

- Pilots using iPads installed with the TAILLOG mini EFB app in cockpit

- Integration of PPS/CrewBriefing with TAILLOG

- Automated collection of flight progress data and preparation of digital flight log

- Company documents and manuals managed as electronic documents

- Integration to postflight and backoffice systems

The Result

- Reduced costs and increased efficiency

- Easier work operations for pilots

- More and better data for optimization

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