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Updating: Major features for operators

December 31st we will take a giant leap with TAILLOG. The app comes in a new updated version, and we launch a completely new online Operator Management System around the app. Both the app and the admin system are developed from the inside core values of Blue Chap Group to make work operations easier and more efficient with simple and highly intuitive user interfaces. With the new update, operators can manage all important aircraft and company default settings from the Operator Management System, which runs online in a web browser. With the centralised structure the app execution of the flight progress will automatically adjust with the actual aircraft and operator settings. The pilot is released from the duty of maintaining the data around the flight and can focus on the specific flight. One for all, All for one Centralised maintenance of aircraft and company related default settings has another benefit, namely the freedom to log into the system from any iPad. It does not matter whether the operator has aircraft specific iPads, pilots have their own personal iPad, or use of a company pool of iPads. When the pilot logs into the app, he/she will inherit the company settings and the default settings of the actual aircraft when picking the flight plan already related to the aircraft. Operators freedom of choice Behind the scenes, that you will not see from the user interface, the app has been overhauled to take advantage of new and more optimised features, Apple has made possible with the latest release of the operation system in the iPad, iOS 10. This will improve the performance and make the iPads more capable of executing demanding tasks. Behind the scenes is also an optimised structure, which will improve the access to potential benefits of integration to other systems. Improved integration possibilities is an important issue to us. With this, operators have the freedom to pick the specific tool, that meets that specific operator’s individual needs, and the operator are better of aiming for a more dynamic and more cost effective operation. Important: Become a registered operator Under this, you will find a more comprehensive list of new features and updates. Before that, there is one important issue: After the update users of the app with no operator setup will not be able to save data or save flight log output as a pdf. Therefore, if you are a regular user of TAILLOG and it is important to you to save your data after flight completion, we urge you to contact our Support Team via e-mail or by phone +45 4220 4747 - and become a registered operator and gain full access to TAILLOG features now and in the future. For evaluation and test purposes, we also gladly setup an operator account for your company.

New TAILLOG features and updates

- Complete new operator profile structure

- Complete new back-end solution with improved control of aircraft and operator configurations

- Options of detailed aircraft configuration

- Improved notepad for freehand notes

- Improved app performance

- Prepared for Weight & Balance and Runway Analysis, which will be launched early 2017

- Prepared for aircraft journal and integration to third party maintenance systems

- Minor feature changes, e.g. engine oil and de-icing data added, US version of ATIS smartboard

NOTE: Users not upgrading to the new version, or users upgrading but not part of an operator group can continue using the app. However, no flight data will be saved after flight completion. Existing flight logs will be available 30 days after the release date of the new version. A data package of existing flight logs can be provided by contacting our support team via e-mail The support of the current version 2.4.0 will be phased out over the next 2 months. If you have turned on automatic app updates the TAILLOG app will automatically be updated. Else, you must open App Store and manually update the app by selecting the button “UPDATE”. If you are already a member of an operator group you can just continue using TAILLOG without anymore changes required.

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