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Additional ATIS options, and more...

We are pleased to announce the release of the new app version 3.5.25 of the TAILLOG EFB system. The system update will be released within the next few days, and can be downloaded from Apple App Store.

The smartboard for ATIS messages is updated with additional options for RVR, runway contamination, and precipitation. With the new entry options all common ATIS elements are covered and can easily be registered. Also the current option buttons are updated to be aligned with the new buttons.

When making data entries the values are validated against the acceptable/realistic value range. In this release the validation rules are reviewed and updated, and some previous blocked fields are opened for editing. Among others, the "Airborne time" can now be edited.

Minor layout changes and bug fixes

Minor layout changes and system bugs are fixed. Also the system performance is an important factor, and some performance elements have been improved in this release.

If you observe any issues related to the performance or the like, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Please contact us if any questions, comments, or demo requests:

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