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Extended Weight & Balance

With the latest changes in version 3.2.1 the TAILLOG system now fully supports calculation of Weight & Balance (W&B).

The W&B is a full flexible performance system supporting multiple aircraft configurations for all types of aircraft. The main system elements are for seating, cargo and fuel distribution. All full configurable with seating layout options for single seats or sections/groups of seats, and detailed fuel tank structures.

Configurations and settings are centrally controlled from the web back-end ( and can easily be managed by the pilot user from the app front-end.

The pre-planned payload and fuel data received via the downloaded flight briefing package are automatically distributed and can be modified as 'Last-minute changes' (LMC) with options to generate an updated Load manifest.

The W&B module is an optional module and must be activated in the subscription, and can of course also be tested on request. Please contact for demo and trial.

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