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Improved flight progress options

During flight progress and in a busy cockpit, user-friendly and intuitive functions of the supportive systems are very critical. We are prioritising the user experience and system performance, and continuously improving the TAILLOG system to keep the best and most optimal features.

Some of vital parts of the flight progress system in TAILLOG are changed in connection to the new system update version 3.5.2. The core of the flight progress in TAILLOG is managed by use of the waypoint/segment table. The option prompt displayed when you select a given waypoint is changed with new improved visual aids and remarks options:

- Function buttons with visual aids - Options to enter remarks per waypoint

Please see below illustration of the changes...:

We aim to make the system as intuitive and simple to use as possible, still keeping a high professional level of options and flexibility. If you have any comments and feedback regarding the changes, please do not hesitate contacting us by e-mail:

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