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Integrated checklists

Happy New Year! Once again we are pleased to announce the release of new valuable system features in connection to the new app version 3.4.1 of the TAILLOG EFB system.

To improve the options for aligning flight control and checks, a new embedded and full-flexible checklist module is now available. Via the administrator back-end the system administrator can easily configure both aircraft specific and general company checklists.

When downloading flight plans in the app the applicable checklists will automatically be paired with the individual flight plan. In that way, the pilot will only see the relevant checklists and should not be worried about documentation and retention hereof.

In addition to the classic checklists with "checked/unchecked" options, you can compose checklist items with both numeric, text, single/multiple selection lists, and date entries. With these options the checklists can be used for various reporting purposes, like temporary reports and the like.

The Custom Checklist module is an optional module and must be activated in the subscription - and can of course be reviewed on request.

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