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Photo documentation, and more...

With the new release of app version 3.3.15, "external" notes are now very easily included in the documentation package of the flight.

Through user-involvement and feedback from clients we have experienced great challenges in making a system that fully substitutes the paper & pen. To support the need of collecting all documentation elements into one package we are now introducing photo documentation and handwritten notes.

As an extra documentation option, photos can now be taken with the app and attached to the flight log. You can access the photos and camera function via the new handwritten notes field (see below) at the Flight progress page, and via the OFP editor.

The user can also enable the option to save the handwritten notes, which will then be saved and synchronised along with the OFP data upon completion of a flight log.

In addition to the extra documentation options, the RVSM checks are improved with new dedicated notification features. To provide more flexibility to the flight progress, the user can now enable/disable each of the RVSM notification elements individually. In that way you can control if notifications should be displayed for only some of the RVSM checks. The settings can be adjusted via System configuration in the app.

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