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TAILLOG: Mobile apps for Aviation - Flight progress EFB
TAILLOG: Mobile apps for Aviation - Flight progress EFB

Menu bar

Access the different app pages and system configurations via the Menu button in the top left corner of the screen.


Change user via system configuration, by logging out the current user account.

TAILLOG: Menu bar

Available flight plans

The table shows the available flight plans, ready for download from your flight plan provider and activation for flight progressing.


Activate a flight plan by use of the Play button at the right end of the table rows.


Abort the flight progress by use of the Stop button, and swipe your finger to the left to delete any downloaded flight plans.

TAILLOG: Available flight plans

Flight plans details

To view and edit the details of the downloaded flight plans, use the Edit button in the list view or the OFP button in Flight progress view.


The flight plan details are displayed in a table view, divided into sections per logical data group. Each section can be viewed by pressing the section bar in the left side of the screen. The details of this section are displayed in the right side of the screen.


Select the data element you want to edit and make the changes. Any changes are stored immediately.

TAILLOG: Flight plan details

Flight progress

Use the RUN button to activate the Flight progress with the loaded flight plan.


You can access the flight plan details via the OFP button, and  swift between automatic and manual execution mode via the toggle button in the top bar.


In auto mode, the segment/waypoint progress is automatically monitored and logged, and entries of indicated fuel level will automatically be notified.


If necessary, change to new segment or alternate destination by use of the segment table of the blue coloured control button.

TAILLOG: Flight progress


The buttom section of the app pages is for your SID and STAR notes, and any handwritten notes.


Clear easily the notes by pressing the garbage bin button.

TAILLOG: Handwritten notes

Completed flight logs

The table shows the flight logs, with completed or stopped flights.


Edit or re-send the completed flight logs for archiving purposes by use of the buttons in the top bar.

TAILLOG: Completed flight logs
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